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AMTAG Global LLP is a diverse team of Business Strategists, Technology Leads, Cyber Security Experts and Lawyers who call upon different disciplines to drive the projects successfully.

Our service line leaders with varied experience and industrial exposure, facilitate AMTAG to be more than just an IT Consultancy firm, enabling us to deliver full spectrum services of highest quality. Our inter-disciplinary approach helps us to understand the clients’ business as ours and the leaders and executives are always willing to go over the line to get the best possible solution.

Our clients refer us as companions in their technological journey who lasts with relationships that goes beyond the corporate limitations. We are more than happy to help clients who need one-stop solutions pertinent to the problems and objectives of today’s cyberspace.

AMTAG Global is committed to bring your business to new advancement.

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Application Development

Product Development

Intelligent Automation



Governance and Regulations

Compliance Framework

Digital Forensics

Fraud Investigation


Risk Management

Cyber Security

Business Consulting



Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Data Mining

Software Development

Application Development

We are helping our clients to build customised software applications and products across web and mobile platforms. Our professional consultants take care of the complete SDLC using Agile methodology. We use standard licensed tool-chain that ensures the integrity and quality of the product and facilitate the deliverables seamlessly to the clients.

Intelligent Automation

We deliver holistic solutions for rapid automation and digital transformation. Our methodology is based on a robust technical foundation that helps the businesses to reduce manual activities and facilitates automatic functionality that increases efficiency and reduces redundancies.


Understanding the projections of the clients’ business, particularly to gauge the quantitative and the qualitative developments in due course of time our Consultants help the clients to build meaningful and visionary analytics to predict profitability.

Assurance and Audit

IT Audit and Compliance

With growing complexities in IT and ITES the need to follow regulatory compliances and statutory or non-statutory audits are getting indispensable. Our seasoned Consultants help the clients to become compliant for regulations like ISO 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2012, Risk Management, Sarbanes Oxley, Service Organization Control, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS and many others.

Cyber Security

Ever progressing innovation and development of cyberspace does pose the challenge of risk getting exploited which causes billion of dollars loss to business houses every year. Our experts help the clients to secure their infrastructure by mitigating risks and vulnerabilities and performs Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, etcetera.

Digital Forensics

Our investigators help the private entities to investigate frauds and law enforcements to secure evidences from crime scene and helps in the complete litigation process.


A cloud-based holistic eProcurement System that has multiple customizable API-based modules covering all the aspects of Supply Chain Management. The modules include; Supplier Prequalification, Requisition, Tender, Auction, Vendor Management, Spend Analytics, Contract Management, Invoice Management that support and facilitate clients for transparent, fair and efficient process.

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